Sunday, July 4, 2010

About the Artist

Yu Fan is a well known Chinese artist who works with sculpture. His installation Horses is made up of four galloping horse sculptures, each with a different pose, installed at the east gate of the Shanghai Art Museum, creating a sense of space-time inversion. Through this work, the artist attempts to stimulate viewers imaginations and stimulate old memories of the building housing the Museum. The work also invites viewers to interact with the public space. With these horses running on the track once again, people can’t help but ask: Do the horses play the role of hosts or guests? (Note that the site of the museum used to be a racetrack.) The viewers and horses all seem to be transported back in history, becoming a part of a 'surprising dream'


1988 Graduated from Fine Art Dept. of Shandong Art Institute, Jinan, Shandong, China 1992 Graduated from Sculpture Dep. of the Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing Works at the same school as a professor, Beijing


“Spiritual : 1999 – 2009 Yu Fan Works” Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai
“Hpallage”, OCT Art & Design Gallery, Shenzhen
“Up-Chinese Contemporary Art” – Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
“Dialog China”, Elins Eagle – Smith Gallery San Francisco, USA
“Face East”, Robinsons Gallery, USA “Unveil The Red Curtain”, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong
New China, New Gallery, Huston, U.S
Chinese Whisper, Ossage Gallery, Hong Kong
Face East, Robischon Gallery, U.S
The power of the Universe - An exhibition of the frontier of contemporary Chinese Art, Asia Art Center, Beijing
A Truth Beyond the Real, Asia Art center & Doosan Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Unveil The Red Curtain, 10 Chancery Lane gallery, Hong Kong
Chinese New art Exhibition, Keumsan Gallery, Korea
Hot. Dot, Huston Museum, USA
Escape by crafty scheme - salvation from traditional and Revolution Language, Square Gallery of Contemporary, Nanjing ,China
China on ward, Israel national museum, Israel
Top 10 Chinese Contemporary sculpture Exhibition, Asia Art Center, Beijing
China on Ward, Louisiana Museum, Denmark
Under the Radar - Chinese Contemporary art, Robischon Gallery, U.S
Re-excavates the contemporary realism, Soka contemporary, Beijing
Beyond experience new china, Arario Gallery, Beijing
Second Beijing International Art Biennale, National Museum, Beijing
In and Out or In between - N kinds of Space Displacement, Soka Contemporary, Beijing
Between past and future - New photography and Video from china, Asia society and Museum, International Center of Photography, U.S
Beijing International Art Biennale, National Museum, Beijing, Shanghai Shenzhen, Tsingtao, Chongqing, Beijing
New Generation and Post Revolution, Yan Huang Art Museum, Beijing
The Light - Yu fan & Liu Ding’s works, Ware House, Beijing
The first Triennial of Contemporary Chinese Art Guang zhou, Guangdong Museum of Art
Mystery of China, Yi Dian Gallery, Shanghai
Chinese Modern Water and Ink Painting and Sculpture Austria, Denmark, UK
The First Biennale of Chengdu, Chengdu Mordern Art Center
The first Exhibition of Jing Wen, Jing Wen Art Center, Shanghai
I Live at 2208, Where Do You Live? Passage Gallery, CAFA, Beijing (solo)
Dialogue With Henry Moore— The Exhibition of Invitation of Chinese Contemporary Sculpture, Guangdong Museum of Art
Exhibition of Invitation of Contemporary Sculpture, Shanghai Art Gallery
The Door of The Century, Chengdu Modern Art Museum
Exhibition of Invitation of Mini Sculpture in Continent, Hong Kong , and Taiwan Hong Kong, Guangzhou
Volume& Form Sculpture Festival of Singapore, Singapore
46—Chinese Modern Art, No Border Gallery of Melbourne, Australia, Shanghai – Melbourne - Taipei
The Second Contemporary Sculpture Annual, He Xiang Ning Art Gallery Shenzhen
Transience—Chinese Experimental Art at the End of the Twentieth Century, Smart Museum ,University of Chicago U.S.A
The First Contemporary Sculpture Annual, He Xiang Ning Art Gallery Shenzhen
Dream of China— 97' Contemporary Art, Yan Huang Art Gallery Beijing
International Art Exhibition —Sculpture, Chinese International Art Gallery Beijing
Reality• Present & Future - 96' Contemporary Art of China, International Art Center, Beijing
Between Inside and Outside, Passage Gallery, CAFA, Beijing (solo)
Plan of Exploit - the first show of three artist's studio, The original Campus of CAFA, Beijing
Women Here - the second show of three artist's studio, Contemporary Art Gallery, Beijing

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