Su Xinping

Friday, April 23, 2010

Su Xinping 苏新平
b. 1960, Jining, Inner Mongolia

About the Artist

Su Xinping established self-consciousness and his own subjectivity, and defined his self-identity. In face, seld-identity is two-way confirmation; it is the identifying of not only one's self, but also of the relation between oneself and the other. Within this double relationship, each individual is concerned with himself and makes reference to the other. Even the most immanent individual subjectivity is linked with the other, and with the public. Su Xinping's works in the early 90's transformed the relationship between the artist, the painting and the audience into an intimate relation between the heart and an individual interested in humanity, self recognition, and sympathy. In the process of presenting the immanent spiritual world of an individual, Su Xinping allows us to participate in the conscious activity of the artist himself.


1983 Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

1989 Central Academy of Fine Arts


"I Don't Want to Play Cards with Cezanne" and Other Works: Selections from the Chinese "New Wave" and "Avant Garde" Art of the Eighties (Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, 1991)
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Born : 17 May 1969, Indramayu (West Java), Indonesia.
Education : ISI (Institute Of Fine Art In Yogyakarta), Graduated in 1996

1989 : Active in Exhibiting in Academy ISI and FSRD Yogyakarta.
Exhibited Sketch and Watercolor in ISI Yogyakarta.
1990 : Exhibiting PEKSIMAS (Pekan Seni Mahasiswa Nasional) in Malang,
“CLING” in Culture Park Surakarta (Solo). “HIMA” in Yogyakarta.
1991 : Group Exhibition of young artist in Yogyakarta.
1992 : Exhition FKY in Benteng Vredenburg, Yogyakarta.
1993 : Group Exhibition “LINGKAR 89” in Yogyakarta.
1996 : Exhibition FSRD ISI in Yogyakarta.
1997 : Solo Exhibition in Jakarta.
1998 : Painting Exhibition YSRI (Yayasan Seni Rupa Indonesia) Philip Morris.
2000 : Group Exhibition in Jakarta.
2002 : Single Exhibition in Linda Gallery, Singapore.
2004 : “Art Singapore, The Contemporary Asian Art Fair 2004” Exhibition.
2005 : Single Exhibition and Launching Buku “The Best Collection of
SP. Hidayat in Museum Nasional in Jakarta, Indonesia.
2006 : Art Beijing 2006, Beijing, China.
ARTSingapore 2006, The Contemporary Asian Art Fair, Singapore
China International Gallery Exposition 2006, World Trade Centre,
Beijing, China.
2007 : Shanghai Art Fair Emerging Artist Exhibition (Asia), Shanghai, China
ARTSingapore 2007, The Contemporary Asian Art Fair, Singapore
Art Beijing 2007, Beijing, China
China International Gallery Exposition 2007, Beijing, China.
2008 : Solo Exhibition “Kerakyatan” in Museum Nasional Jakarta, Indonesia

Award and Achievement
1986 : The best sketch award fine art majoring subject FSRD ISI Yogyakarta
The best oil painting award in FSRD ISI Yogyakarta
1990 : The best oil painting award fine art majoring subject FSRD ISI Yogyakarta
1991 : Got SUPERSMAR Scholarship for academic achievement
The best painting award in Islamic painting exhibition in Ajiyasa
Building Yogyakarta.
1996 : Got ‘Excellent mark’ in final exam
1998 :The best National 100th finalist of Philip Morris

SP. Hidayat paintings are collected not only by collectors from Indonesia but also
From other countries like Japan, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia,
The Philipine, Taiwan, China, Australia, French, Argentine, Dutch, and so on.


Born in Surabaya, November 11, 1961 but well known as painter from Banyuwangi. He studied painting under Bani Amora in Genteng then continued his study at Fine Art School Yogyakarta. He also studied to paint from Dullah in Pejeng Gallery and later joined in Kamboja Gallery among with other 17 painters. He used impasto technique and impresinostic style for his work.

ARIE SMIT ( B. 1916 )

He studied Graphic Designs at the Academy of Art in Rotterdam. In 1938, he was sent to Indonesia for a military service where he worked as lithography for the Dutch Topographical service. In 1951, Smit received his Indonesian citizenship. He taught graphic and lithograpy at ITB / Bandung Institute of Technology from 1950 – 1956, he moved to Bali, and has lived and painted there ever since. He gave a lot of supports to the development of the naive style painting, which later known as the Young Artist Style in the early 1960s. For this, he received the Gold Medel Dharma Kusuma Award from the Balinese provincial Gtovernment in 1992.


Born in Medan, October 21, 1933. He studied at SSRI and ASRI Yogyakarta majoring art sculpture. Many of works have been collected by art collectors in Indonesia and overseas. In 1983 he did 5 wooden calligraphic monuments in Jeddah. He got the best award from the Trienale Jakarta II in 1998 held by the Jakarta Arts Council.

AFFANDI (Cirebon, 1907 – 1990)

Born in Cirebon, March 11, 1907. He is considered as the Indonesian Artist par excellent. He was the founder of the Himpunan Pelukis Masyarakat (Community’s Artists Association (1946) and Himpunan Pelukis Rakyat (People’s Artists Association) in 1947, Affandi was committed to creating a new artistic idiom for Indonesia. In the early of 1950s he traveled to India for a grant from Indian Government, he held several one-man shows in several Indian Cities, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy. He received an Indonesian Art Award from the Ministry of Education and Culture (1969), the Dag Hammerskjoeld Prize from Italy (1977) and an Indonesian Government the First Class Merit (1978). His works were exhibited in major exhibitions in Asia, Europe, and the Americas and were also be acquired by major art collectors and institutions all over the world since the 1950s.
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