Zheng Delong

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Born: 1976, Chengdu, China

Solo Exhibition, Gallery Hakgojae, Seoul, Korea
Eslite Xin-Yi Store, Taipei, Taiwan
HAN JI YUN Contemporary Space, Beijing, China

Collision, Vanessa Art Link, Jakarta, Indonesia
Three Language Three Colors, UM Gallery, Korea

Vigor, Olyvia Oriental, London, UK
Onflow, Soobin Gallery, Singapore
Melt, 1918 Art Space, Shanghai, China
Made in China: Young Chinese Contemporary Art, Opera Gallery, London
Grosvenor International Art and Antique Fair, London
New Air, 1918 Art Space, Shanghai
Ruyi, Siemens International Art Space, Singapore
Seven Generals from Sichuan, Omeiln Gallery, Beijing

Singapore International Art Fair

The Best Artist from Chengdu, Shanghai Spring Art Saloon

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Born in Pagar Alam, South Sumatera, Indonesia. 1969. He studied at the Indonesian Fine Art Institute on Yogyakarta on 1995, after several years of exploring painting realism and landscape details as a self -taught artist. The talents that he has demonstrated qualified him to exhibit his paintings since 199 from Yogyakarta and Jakarta, Indonesia, then Seoul, Korea as organized by Hyundai on 1999, followed with exhibition in Eindhoven and Den Haag, Netherlands on 2001 with the longest culmination of exhibition at Paris Ilein on 2004, De Gallery La Campagnie des Arts in Paris, De Building of Total Paris, De Grand Marche d’Art Contemporain al Bastille Paris on 2007 until finally participated in group exhibition organized by Unexco Paris on 2008 where he further developed his surrealism skills. After participated in Expo Sign 2009, on March until April 2010, Yarno exhibited four of his latest artworks in a curated group exhibition entitled
Seven Lights whereby three of them sold. Recently his artworks received recognition as one of the finalist in Jakarta Art Award 2010 and exhibited in North Art Space, Jakarta. His artworks has been collected by Singaporean, European and Koreanese artlovers

Willem Gerard Hofker

Willem Gerard Hofker was born on 1902 in Amsterdam, and passed away on 1981. Previous education was from the Academy of Fine Arts In The Hague and at the Rijksacademie (National Academy) in Amsterdam. Aside learning from school, he was once a student from Willem Witsen (1860-1923) and Isaac Israel. (1865-1934).

Hofker first visited Bali in 1938 and his painting was quickly influenced by the Bali’s temple and women. He was captured during Japanese Invasion in Indonesia in 1942 but later released in 1944 where he then returned to Holland. Despite geographical differences, Hofker still continue in depicting Bali’s beauty for the rest of his life.

Hofker-Reuter. His works were undoubted. His color, texture surface, and contrastive control showed his maturity of painting study. His drawing was elegant and poetic. His works were inspired by the lifestyle of Balinese people which often depict them in festive ceremonial dress. He died in 1981

His light brushes enriched the texture with sensitive use of light shadow. With elegant master technique this romantic and poetic artist works became well known and famous.
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