Yang Shaobin

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Born: 1963 Tangshan, Hebei Province, China

1983 graduated from Polytechnical Unviversity, Hebei

Solo Exhibitions
X-Blind Spot, Long March Space,Beijing,China.

Yang Shaobin,Dramas of Violence - Paintings from 1995 - 2007, Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta
Yang Shaobin, Immaculata Conceptio, Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin| Beijing, Berlin

Yang Shaobin: The Ten Commandments
Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin| Beijing, Berlin
Yang Shaobin - 800 Meters
Long March Foundation, Beijing

Yang Shaobin - I Vibrations
Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin| Beijing, Berlin

Yang Shaobin - Grey Paintings
Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin| Beijing, Berlin

Yang Shaobin - "Peintures recentes"
Galerie Loft, Paris

Yang Shaobin - new paintings from Beijing
Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin| Beijing, Berlin

Group Exhibitions
Facing China, Kunstraum Innsbruck, Innsbruck
Under the sky - International positions in contemporary art,White Space Beijing, Beijing
Crouching Paper, Hidden Dragon - Works on paper , F2 Gallery, Beijing
Writing on the Wall, Chinese New Realism and Avant-garde in the eighties and nineties , Groninger Museum, Groningen
China macht Druck. Zeitgenossische Chinesische Druckgrafik, Stadtische Galerie Bietigheim - Bissingen, Bietigheim-Bissingen

RE-collection - A Retrospective Look at 15 years of Art and Vision, Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong, SAR
Chinese Relativity:Part 2, Stefan Stux Gallery, New York City, NY
China Now, Cobra Museum, Amstelveen
RED HOT - Asian Art Today from the Chaney Family Collection,MFAH - Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX
BALANCE!, EurAsian Culture Exchange GmbH, Berlin
Inferno in Paradise - 10 YearsAlexander Ochs Galleries Berlin| Beijing, Berlin
Collecting Editions, Aura Gallery - Shanghai, Shanghai

Chinese Relativity
Stefan Stux Gallery, New York City, NY
zuruck zur figur, malerei der gegenwart, museum franz gertsch, Burgdorf
China now - Kunst in Zeiten des Umbruchs
Sammlung Essl - Kunsthaus, Klosterneuburg
Herman Nitsch | Yang Shaobin: Retourn China, Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin| Beijing, Berlin
ABSOLUTE IMAGES: Chinese Contemporary Art, Arario Cheonan, Cheonan-si
Zurock zur Figur - Malerei der Gegenwart, Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung, Munich
Jiang Hu, Jack Tilton Gallery, New York City, NY
Jiang Hu, Roberts & Tilton, Los Angeles, CA
Hermann Nitsch -Yang Shaobin, White Space Beijing, Beijing
Building Code Violations, Long March Foundation, Beijing
The Sacred + The Profane, Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin| Beijing, Berlin

ASIA: THE PLACE TO BE?, Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin| Beijing, Berlin
Rotational Summer Exhibition - Chinese Paintings & Antique Furniture
Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong, SAR
Xian feng! - Chinese avant-garde, Museum Beelden aan Zee, Scheveningen
IBCA Biennale 2005, IBCA - International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Prague
Mahjong - Chinesische Gegenwartskunst, Kunstmuseum Bern, Bern
Vehicle and Mirror, Beijing New Art Projects, Beijing

Twenty-Four Living Artist in China, White Space, Beijing
"Stone Face" BANG - China's first group printing exhibition, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai

Print, Yibo Gallery, Shanghai
Under Pressure, Analix Forever, Geneva
Media Center Project, Long March Foundation, Beijing
Der Rest Der Welt, Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin| Beijing,

Rotational Summer Exhibition
Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong, SAR
Things We Believe,Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin| Beijing, Berlin

Mastrpieces:. Made By Chinese, Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin| Beijing, Berlin
"TAKE PART" - Zeitgenossische Chinesische Kunst, Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing-Lucerne, Luzern

Photography as fine art, Galerie Skala, Cologne
Bodies/ Faces/ Icons, Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin| Beijing, Berlin

48th International Art Exhibition Venice Biennale / Biennale di Venezia, La Biennale di Venezia, Venice

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

1976 Born in Beijing, China
1996 Graduated from the Fine Art School attached to the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
2000 Graduated from Mural department of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
Now works and lives in Beijing

Solo Exhibitions:
"My Carnival" Solo Show, Beijing, China
"My Carnival" Solo Show, Andrew James Art, Shanghai, China

Group Exhibitions:
Animamix Biennale, Shanghai MoCA and Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

"Trickle-Down Theory" Gallery Korjaamo, Helsinki, Finland
"Mine Mind" Asian Contemporary New Art, Soka Art Center, Beijing, China
"Youth" China Square Gallery, New York, USA

"The mARkeT", Beijing Centre for the Arts, Beijing, China
Art Asia Fair, Miami, USA
Asian Contemporary Art Fair, New York, USA
Scope Art Fair, London, U.K.
"The Origin, First Annual Moon River Sculpture Festival" , Moon River Museum of Contemporary Art (MR Moca), Beijing, China
"This is Asia" Andrew James Art, Shanghai, China

"Animamix Hyperlink Exhibition" , Moon River Cultural Creative Industry Zone, Beijing, China
"Lost & Found" , Soka Contemporary Space, Beijing, China
SH Contemporary, Shanghai, China
"A Generation Far Away from Centre" , Post 70s Generation Art Exhibition, 798, Beijing, China
"Eye on" , New Visual Art Exhibition, C5 Art Center, Beijing, China
"Animanga!" Exit Festival, Creteil, France
"Quietly Collecting" , Andrew James Art, Shanghai, China

N12 The Fourth Exhibition, C5 Art Center, Beijing, China
"?Hungry Artist" , C5 Art Center, Beijing, China
"Liang Yuanwei & Yang Jing" , Espacio Minimo Gallery, Madrid, Spain
"Unclear and Clearness" , Heyri Art Foundation Culture Space, Seoul, South Korea
"Fiction @ Love" , Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China
"Naughty Kids: the Chinese New Generation Born After 1970" , Star Gallery, Beijing, China

"The Self-Made Generation" , A Retrospective of New Chinese Paintings, Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China
"3rd Cutting Edge Contemporary Art" , Seoul, South Korea
"Common. Communication. Senses" , Chinese, Korean and Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Seoul, South Korea
"Ten Eras Ten Colors" , Soka Contemporary Space, Beijing, China
"Get it Louder" Touring Exhibition, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, China
"Next Station: Cartoon?" Contemporary Art Exhibition, Star Gallery, Beijing, China
N12, The Third Exhibition, Gallery of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

N12, The Second Exhibition, Gallery of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

N12 The First Exhibition, Gallery of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Private Collections:
Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Brussels, Geneva, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, New York, Paris, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo

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Zheng Delong

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Born: 1976, Chengdu, China

Solo Exhibition, Gallery Hakgojae, Seoul, Korea
Eslite Xin-Yi Store, Taipei, Taiwan
HAN JI YUN Contemporary Space, Beijing, China

Collision, Vanessa Art Link, Jakarta, Indonesia
Three Language Three Colors, UM Gallery, Korea

Vigor, Olyvia Oriental, London, UK
Onflow, Soobin Gallery, Singapore
Melt, 1918 Art Space, Shanghai, China
Made in China: Young Chinese Contemporary Art, Opera Gallery, London
Grosvenor International Art and Antique Fair, London
New Air, 1918 Art Space, Shanghai
Ruyi, Siemens International Art Space, Singapore
Seven Generals from Sichuan, Omeiln Gallery, Beijing

Singapore International Art Fair

The Best Artist from Chengdu, Shanghai Spring Art Saloon

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Born in Pagar Alam, South Sumatera, Indonesia. 1969. He studied at the Indonesian Fine Art Institute on Yogyakarta on 1995, after several years of exploring painting realism and landscape details as a self -taught artist. The talents that he has demonstrated qualified him to exhibit his paintings since 199 from Yogyakarta and Jakarta, Indonesia, then Seoul, Korea as organized by Hyundai on 1999, followed with exhibition in Eindhoven and Den Haag, Netherlands on 2001 with the longest culmination of exhibition at Paris Ilein on 2004, De Gallery La Campagnie des Arts in Paris, De Building of Total Paris, De Grand Marche d’Art Contemporain al Bastille Paris on 2007 until finally participated in group exhibition organized by Unexco Paris on 2008 where he further developed his surrealism skills. After participated in Expo Sign 2009, on March until April 2010, Yarno exhibited four of his latest artworks in a curated group exhibition entitled
Seven Lights whereby three of them sold. Recently his artworks received recognition as one of the finalist in Jakarta Art Award 2010 and exhibited in North Art Space, Jakarta. His artworks has been collected by Singaporean, European and Koreanese artlovers

Willem Gerard Hofker

Willem Gerard Hofker was born on 1902 in Amsterdam, and passed away on 1981. Previous education was from the Academy of Fine Arts In The Hague and at the Rijksacademie (National Academy) in Amsterdam. Aside learning from school, he was once a student from Willem Witsen (1860-1923) and Isaac Israel. (1865-1934).

Hofker first visited Bali in 1938 and his painting was quickly influenced by the Bali’s temple and women. He was captured during Japanese Invasion in Indonesia in 1942 but later released in 1944 where he then returned to Holland. Despite geographical differences, Hofker still continue in depicting Bali’s beauty for the rest of his life.

Hofker-Reuter. His works were undoubted. His color, texture surface, and contrastive control showed his maturity of painting study. His drawing was elegant and poetic. His works were inspired by the lifestyle of Balinese people which often depict them in festive ceremonial dress. He died in 1981

His light brushes enriched the texture with sensitive use of light shadow. With elegant master technique this romantic and poetic artist works became well known and famous.
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Tri Wahyudi ( b.1986 )

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Surakarta, 11 Nov 1986
Graduated from ISI Surakarta (Indonesia Institute of the Arts – Surakarta)

Exhibitions (selected):

“THE SILENT SHOW”, solo exhibition, Srisasanti Gallery, Yogyakarta
“VERSUS”, Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah, Surakarta
“ECCE HOMO”, Gallery Semarang, Semarang


“THINK!”, Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah, Surakarta
“JOGJA ART FAIR #2”, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta
“ART AWARD”, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta
“THE DREAM”, Tujuh Bintang Gallery, Yogyakarta
“HOW ART LIVES”, Vredeburg Museum, Festival Kebudayaan Yogyakarta
“HERTZ”, Retro Creative House, Semarang
“POINT TO POINT”, Elcana Gallery, Jakarta


“PEKAN SENI MAHASISWA”, Taman Budaya Jambi, Jambi
“KONSUMSI ATAU MATI”, Byar Creative Industry, Semarang
“GORO-GORO”, Art Project Pra Biennale, Solo
“FREEDOM”, Mondecor Painting Festival, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta and Galeri
Nasional Indonesia (GNI)
“KONTEMPLASTIK”, Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah, Surakarta

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Farhad HUSSAIN (1975)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Name: Farhad Hussaian
1975 Born In Jamsedpur, India.
1996 Completed B.Sc.
2003 B.F.A in painting ,Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati
University, Santiniketan,W.B.
2005 Post Diploma in painting , Faculty of Fine Arts , M.S
University Vadodara.
2006 : Runner up for the IHC , ‘Most promising Artist’
2004 : Nasreen Mohammadi Scholarship , M.S University, Vadodara
1998 : Best Water Colour Award , Indian Art College , Art Exibition.
1) Sotheby’s Contemporary Art South Asia India Pakistan ( New York) 2007
2) Saffron Art Auction 2006,2007
3) Christieo Auction , Honkong 2007
4) International Art Fair Singapore 2007,2008
1) Sarjan Art Gallery , Baroda in India 2005
2) Chatterjee & Lal Art Gallery , Mumbai in India 2006
3) Indigo Blue Art , Singapore 2007
4) Vadehra Art Gallery, Delhi in India 2008
5) Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai in India 2009
6) Gallery Soheon , Dague in Korea 2009
1) Urban & Discord Group show (Hon Kong) 2009
2) Group Show 1X1 gallery 2009
3) Pink City Art Exibition, Korea 2009
4) Degue Art Fair in Korea 2009
5) Cima – center of International modern Art Group show 2008
6) The Art of Santiniketan Masters & Emerging Artist 2008
7) Indigo Blue Art ETHOS 2006,2007,2008
8) Hybrid Trend Contemporary art Exhibition ( India & Koria) 2007
9) Exhibition Art & Soul Gallery, Colorado.2007
10) Exhibition at Citybank 2007
11) Concen ( the charity Auction) exhibition at Sumukha Gallery Bangalore 2007
12) Concern (thr charity Auction) exhibition at Sumukha Gallery Bangalore 2006
13) Exhibition at Aakriti Art Gallery, Kolkata 2006
14) Harmony Art Show ( Reliance Group) 2006
15) Exhibition at Arushi Art Gallery ( Harvest Indian Contemporary Art) 2006
16) Exhibition at Anant Art Gallery , Kolkata 2006
17) Exhibition at Art Konsult , New Delhi 2006
18) Exhibition In Art World Chennai (Singapore) 2006
19) ‘New Paradigms’ Exhibition in Thresold Art Gallery .2006
20) ‘Baroda most wanted’, Exhibition at space artist studio 2006
21) Art Resource trust exhibition ,Mumbai 2005
22) 47th National Exhibition 2005
23) All India Birla Academy of Art &Culture annual exhibition , Kolkata 2005
24) Group Exhibition at Academy Of Fine Arts, Kolkata 2005
25) Camlin exhibition , Mumbai ,2004
26) Exhibition at Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S University, Baroda,2004
27) Charukala Utsav, Kolkata 2002
28) All India Academy Annual Exhibition, Kolkata ,2001
29) All India Academy Annual Exhibition , Kolkata,2000
30) State Academy annual exhibition ,Kolkata ,2000
31) All India Academy annual exhibition ,Kolkata,1998
32) State Academy annual exhibition , Kolkata, 1998
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Guo Jin

Monday, January 17, 2011

Born: 1964, Chengdu, China

Graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts Oil Painting Department

Working Residency at the Delfina Art Studio London UK

Tutor at Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts Chongqing China

Currently living and working in Chongqing and Beijing China

Solo Exhibitions
Guo Jin - Solo Exhibition SHiNE Art Space Shanghai China
Appearance: Guo Jin Solo Exhibition Museum Nasional Jakarta Indonesia

Things That Change, Things That Don't Kwai Fung Hin Hong Kong China

Action and Imagination Serieuze Zaken Studios Amsterdam Netherlands

Wings Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery London UK
Solo Exhibition LIMN Art Gallery San Francisco USA

Solo Exhibition Casa Garden Orient Foundation Macau China
Solo Exhibition Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery London UK

Guo Jin 1998-1999 Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery London UK

Solo Exhibition Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery London UK

Group Exhibition

Faces and Faces Galerie Dolores de Sierra Madrid Spain

China Art Now! Singapore Art Museum Singapore
Guo Wei and Guo Jin: Figurative Possibilities Goedhuis Contemporary New York USA
From New Figurative Image to New Painting Tang Contemporary Beijing China

12345 Yibo Gallery Shanghai China
Temptations Olyvia Oriental London UK
Entry Gate Chinese Aesthetics of Heterogeneity Moca Shanghai China
Exchange: An Exhibition of Asian Contemporary Art Sculpture Square Singapore
Unclear and Clearness Heyri Art Foundation South Korea
The Naked Truth Tang Gallery Bangkok Thailand
The International Asian Art Fair New York USA

The Review LA Times Gallery Los Angeles USA
Shine Art Space makes its Debut in Shanghai SHiNE Art Space Shanghai China
4+1: Chinese Contemporary Paintings Asia Art Centre Taipei Taiwan

In Between Tang Gallery Bangkok Thailand
Chinart Museo Arte Contemporanea di Roma Rome Italy
Chinart Ludwig Museum Budapest Hungary
Shaping Yibo Gallery Shanghai China
Posers Courtyard Gallery Beijing China

China Art Museum Kuppersmuhle Sammlung Grothe Duisburg Germany
Chongqing Chilis Ohio University Art Gallery Trisolini Gallery USA

The Paintings of Guo Jin and Guo Wei Goedhuis Contemporary New York USA
Guo Jin and Guo Wei: New Works Exhibition Courtyard Gallery Beijing China
Triennal of Chinese Arts Guangzhou Art Museum Guangzhou China
On the Edge of the Millenium: New Art from China Goedhuis Contemporary New York USA

The First Impression Yibo Gallery Shanghai China
Summer Exhibition: From Neorealism to Postmodernism Schoeni Art Gallery Hong Kong China
Chongqing Chilis Kulturbahnhof Kassel Germany
China Art Now! Singapore Art Museum Singapore
The First Biennal of Chengdu Modern Art Museum Chengdu China

Door of the Century: 1979 to 1999 Chinese Contemporary Art Modern Art Museum Chengdu China
Invitational Academic Art Exhibition in Autumn Modern Art Museum Chengdu China
Shanghai Art Museum Collection Exhibition Shanghai China
Guo Wei and Guo Jin: New Works Courtyard Gallery Beijing China
1+1: Recent Works by Zeng Fanzhi and Guo Jin Schoeni Art Gallery Hongkong China
Between the Lines Mosman Art Gallery Community Centre Sydney Australia

Art China! LIMN Gallery San Francisco USA
99 Academic Exhibition Shanghe Art Museum Chengdu China
1999 Open Channels: The First Collecting Exhibition of Dongyu Art Museum Dongyu Art Museum Shenyang China

Confused... Reckoning with the Future: Contemporary Chinese Paintings and Photography Amsterdam Netherlands
5000+10: Contemporary Art from Mainland China Bilbao Spain
Made in China: Contemporary Chinese Paintings Nikolaus Sonne Fine Arts Berlin Germany
Asian Avant-garde Christie's London UK
Guo Wei and Guo Jin Flanders Contemporary Art Michigan USA
The Guo Brothers Soobin Gallery Singapore

Faces and Bodies of the Middle Kingdom: Chinese Art of the 90s Gallery Rudolfinum Prague Czech Republic
The First Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art Hong Kong Art Centre Hongkong China
Quotation Marks Singapore Art Museum Singapore
8+8-1: Selected Paintings by 15 Contemporary Artists Schoeni Art Gallery Hong Kong China

Dream Shares: Five Artists from Mainland China Jamaica Art Centre New York USA
CHINA! Kunstmuseum Bonn Germany; Travelled to Vienna, Copenhagen, Berlin and Warsaw
The First Exhibition of the China Oil Painting Society National Art Museum of China Beijing China

The Urban Idealist: New Art from Sichuan Schoeni Art Gallery Hong Kong China
The History of Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition from Realism to Postmodernism Galerie ThHmes Brussels Belgium
The Third Annual Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting National Art Museum of China Beijing China

The Strange Environment 94 Chongqing China

The Guangzhou Biennale: Oil Paintings from the 90s Guangzhou China



Born in Bandung, Indonesia, Kerton's talent and universal appeal have made him an indelible part of Indonesia's history and culture. He began his art career in the Japanese established art association Keimin Bunka Sidhoso from 1942-1945, before joining up with the rebels during the Indonesian struggle for independence and becoming an artist/sketcher for the newspaper Patriot during the Revolution. Through his sketches and drawings, he immortalized several important and historical events that took place, when the Dutch handed over sovereignty to the Republic of Indonesia at the end of 1949. Kerton's fierce sense of nationalism carried over into his work and many of his paintings convey a sense of pride in his country.

In the early 1950's, he set off to paint in Europe where he studied art and life in very different cultures, traveling and painting in Holland, France and Mexico. After being accepted to the prestigious Art Student's League in New York City, he honed his skills under the tutelage of masters like Sternberg and Kuneyoshi, both very influential teachers in Kerton's life. A woodcut, entitled "Homeward" depicting a family on their way home from a day's work in the fields, was chosen by UNICEF through tight competition and printed on Unicef's Christmas card in 1964, and distributed throughout the world. Kerton settled down in New York, marrying and raising a family, before returning to Indonesia in 1976 and embarking upon, arguably, the most outstanding and prolific period of his career. This next phase was a departure from the understated, muted tones of his earlier work. Once back in his homeland, he exploded onto his canvasses with a profusion of colors and vivid, fantastical scenes. These paintings are infused with a gentle sense of humour, and respect for the common man. Considered one of his best periods, the 80's were very prolific years for Kerton. As one of Indonesia's most respected masters, today, Kerton's artistic influence on others can be clearly observed, as young, upcoming new Indonesian artists have eagerly embraced his style of painting.

In 1997, the largest art theft in the history of modern art occurred at the Kerton Gallery in Indonesia. Nineteen of Kerton's paintings were stolen and are still missing. This bit of news has garnered a lot of media attention in the last few years, and the FBI and other international crime units remain on alert. Their whereabouts have proven to be a great mystery; however, select stolen works are available as limited edition giclée reproductions, such as "Gunung Merapi", and "Fond Love".

At present, Kerton is recognized as one of Indonesia's most original and controversial artists, and his works are highly sought after world-wide.



Vincent van Gogh

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Movements & Styles

Van Gogh's style was very expressive and later influenced many Expressionist artists. Vincent's Life story is just as famous as his art. He produced landscapes, portraits, interiors, still lifes and cityscapes. Still lifes included everyday objects ; shoes, potatoes, a chair, books, etc.

Vincent van Gogh Life - Chronology - Biography

Vincent Willem van Gogh
Born on the 30th March, Groot-Zundert, the Netherlands
Vincent's brother Theodorus (Theo) van Gogh was born on the 1st May
Attends boarding school at Jan Povily in Zevenbergen (up until 1866)
Attends the state Secondary School King Willem II at Tilburg (up until 1868)
Returns home to his parents in Zundert
Starts working as a junior Clerk for the art firm of Goupil and Co. in the Hague.
Van Gogh is transferred to the London branch of the art firm Goupil and Co.
Lodges with Sarah Ursula Loyer and falls in love with her daughter Eugenie.
Learns that Eugenie is engaged to be married, then returns home to Holland for 3 weeks.
Moved to the Paris branch of Goupils temporarily against his will.
Vincent returned to the London branch for several months before being permanently assigned to the Paris branch of Goupils.
After being discharged from Goupils in Paris, Vincent van Gogh reterns to England.
Teaches elementary French, German & arithmatic at a school in Ramsgate.
Works as as a teacher at a boys' school in Isleworth, Vincent also works as a parish and sometimes preaches.
Finds employment in a bookshop in Tolbrugstraatje.
Prepares for entrance exams for the faculty of theology in Amsterdam, stays with his uncle Jan/ Johannes van Gogh.
Quits theological studies to enroll in a preparatory course for evangelists in Brussels.
Fails to qualify at the mission school in Laeken and returns home to his parents.
Van Gogh moves to Borinage, a coal mining district of Belgium and begins missionary work.
Dismissed as a mission preacher in Wasmes after 6 months.
Vincent continues to work to do missionary work on his own.
After abandoning evangelical work Vincent van Gogh begins to draw with a passion and has serious ambitions of becoming an artist.
Moves to Brussels.
Prepares to enter the Academie des Beaux-Arts
Returns to Etten (where his parents are)
Falls in love with his widowed cousin Kee Vos Stricker but she denies his affections.
Visits The Hague and is instructed by his cousin, the noted Hague School painter of peasant life, Anton Mauve.
Moves into a small studio in The Hague with a pregnant prostitute, Clasina Maria Hoornik ( Sien ) and her five year old daughter.
Paints street scenes.
Commisisioned to do a series of 12 drawings of city views from his art dealer uncle Cornelius Marinus van Gogh.
Receives a second commission by his uncle Cornelius to a further 6 views, but more detailed.
Is treated for a venereal disease at the Municipal Hospital on the Brouwersgracht.
Sien and Van Gogh move into larger quaters next door after she has her second child.
Vincent van Gogh begins to work with oil paints.
Van Gogh also experiments with lithography.
Contemplates the thought of working as an illustrator in possibly England.
Vincent and Sien break up and he moves to Drenthe, then to Nieuw Amsterdam.
Returns to his parent home for 2 years, (now in Nuenen).
Has a love affair with an older woman, Margo Begemann, wich leads to a scandal and her attempted suicide.
Van Gogh gives painting lessons to 3 people.
26th March, Reverend Theodorus van Gogh, father of Vincent dies.
Paint dealer agrees to exhibit some of Van Goghs work in the shop windows in his store in The Hague.
Spends several days in Amsterdam at the Rijksmuseum, admiring Rembrandt and Hals in particular.
Enrols at the Academy at Antwerp and studies painting and drawing.
Works from live models during the night.
Vincent meets his brother Theo in Paris. Theo is working as an art dealer in Barbizon and Impressionist paintings for the Boussod & Valadon group at the Louvre.
Vincent moves into Theo's apartment.
Studies at the atelier of Fernarnd-Anne Piestre, called Cormon.
Experiments with colors, abandoning his sombre palette.
Moves to Lepic in Montmatre with Theo.
Art dealer Portier takes four paintings of Van Gogh on commission.
Vincent and Camille Pissarro (1831-1903) become friends.
Meets Emile Bernard (1868-1941) at the shop of Juien Pere Tanguy and they exchange paintings.
Van Gogh meets Paul Signac (1863-1935)
Receives 2 Portrait commissions from Julien "Pere" Tanguy.
Vincent purchases many Japanese prints from a dealer in oriental art.
Paints outdoors with Paul Signac along the banks of the Seine at Asienres and St Ouen.
Meets Georges Seurat (1859-1891)
Moves to Arles into the Hotel-Restaurant Carrel
Van Gogh exhibits 3 paintings with the Societe des Artistes Independants.
Moves into the "Yellow House" but soon moves out over a dispute with the owner over his bill.
Moves into another hotel close by.
Meets the postmaster, Joseph Roulin (1855-1941)
Vincent moves into the Yellow House and Gauguin arrives in Arles soon after.
Experiments with drawing from memory after being prompted by Gauguin.
Vincent van Gogh cuts off the lower part of his after an argument with Gauguin. He then presents his ear to a prostitute.
Admitted to the hospital after being found in a critical state by the police and is attended to by Doctor Felix Rey (1867-1932)
Theo comes to Arles, then soon returns home to Paris with Gauguin.
Van Gogh is hospitalised for 10 days after having hallucinations and fearing that he is being poisoned.
Theo van Gogh marries Johanna Bonger (1862-1925)
Vincent admits himself to a mental asylum in Saint Remy and is diagnosed as having an epilectic disorder.
Paints in the gardens and environs of the hospital.
"Irises" and "Starry Night on the Rhone" are included in the Independants exhibition in Paris.
Spends 2 days in Arles.
Vincent has a week long relapse.
Six paintings exhibited in the exhibition of Les Vingt in Brussels.
31 January, Birth of Theo's first son, Vincent Wilhelm van Gogh
Suffers a severe attack during a 2 day visit to Arles and is then brought back to hospital.
Exhibits 10 paintings with the Independants in Paris.
Van Gogh leaves the asylum on May 16 and spend several days in Paris with his brother Theo and his family.
Moves to Auvers.
Dr. Paul Ferdinand Gachet (1828-1909) looks after Vincent.
On the 27th of July, Vincent van Gogh shoots himself in the countryside in Auvers.
Struggles back to the inn where he was staying.
29th July, Vincent dies with Theo by his side.
Buried on the 30th of July.
Theo organises an exhibition of Vincent's paintings in an apartment in Montmatre.
October, Theo becomes seriously ill.
25th of January, Vincent's brother Theo dies in the Netherlands.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Born in Cakra Negara, December 15, 1943. I Wayan Pengsong is a Balinese –born painter who now lives in Lombok. He is considered to be an Impressionist Decoratif artist. His painting have close relationship with the unique Lombok’s architectures because he is an at fighter that search images from his beloved country. He has an ability to change monochrom colors into an amazing image of beautiful Lombok surroudings. He had held many single and group exhibitions. Since 1963, he has already done several collective exhibition with other artists at GNI Mataram, Suranadi Hotel, Lombok, Lombok University Student Hall, Bentara Budaya Jakarta, Darwin Australia, Trienlle at Denpasar Art Center Bali, Mitra Budaya Jakarta, Hilton Hotel Jakarta. In 1995 and 1996, he participated in an exhibition held by YSRI in Jakarta. The next year, he held an exhibition with a theme of “ World Fund “ at Peng Song Gallery, Cakranegara. In 1998, he attended the Ministry of Educational and Culture Collection Exhibition at Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Educational and Culture Exhibition Building


Chen Hongzhu was born 1982 in Chongqing, Sichuan province, China. She graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts (Oil painting Department) in 2006. She held both solo and group exhibitions in Singapore, China and Korea. In 2006, she participated in "Man and Great Ideals" , an exhibition held in Seoul, South Korea, and the following year, a group exhibition entitled "Pure Expectation" Youth Art Exhibition held in Beijing, China. In Dec 2008, she participated in "Surfing Animamax" which featured young contemporary Chinese artists.