Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Born in Cakra Negara, December 15, 1943. I Wayan Pengsong is a Balinese –born painter who now lives in Lombok. He is considered to be an Impressionist Decoratif artist. His painting have close relationship with the unique Lombok’s architectures because he is an at fighter that search images from his beloved country. He has an ability to change monochrom colors into an amazing image of beautiful Lombok surroudings. He had held many single and group exhibitions. Since 1963, he has already done several collective exhibition with other artists at GNI Mataram, Suranadi Hotel, Lombok, Lombok University Student Hall, Bentara Budaya Jakarta, Darwin Australia, Trienlle at Denpasar Art Center Bali, Mitra Budaya Jakarta, Hilton Hotel Jakarta. In 1995 and 1996, he participated in an exhibition held by YSRI in Jakarta. The next year, he held an exhibition with a theme of “ World Fund “ at Peng Song Gallery, Cakranegara. In 1998, he attended the Ministry of Educational and Culture Collection Exhibition at Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Educational and Culture Exhibition Building

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