Su Xinping

Friday, April 23, 2010

Su Xinping 苏新平
b. 1960, Jining, Inner Mongolia

About the Artist

Su Xinping established self-consciousness and his own subjectivity, and defined his self-identity. In face, seld-identity is two-way confirmation; it is the identifying of not only one's self, but also of the relation between oneself and the other. Within this double relationship, each individual is concerned with himself and makes reference to the other. Even the most immanent individual subjectivity is linked with the other, and with the public. Su Xinping's works in the early 90's transformed the relationship between the artist, the painting and the audience into an intimate relation between the heart and an individual interested in humanity, self recognition, and sympathy. In the process of presenting the immanent spiritual world of an individual, Su Xinping allows us to participate in the conscious activity of the artist himself.


1983 Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

1989 Central Academy of Fine Arts


"I Don't Want to Play Cards with Cezanne" and Other Works: Selections from the Chinese "New Wave" and "Avant Garde" Art of the Eighties (Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, 1991)

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