Vladimir Vojvodic

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Painter, Vladimir Vojvodic was born in Sabac, in 1958. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1985. Vladimir lives and works in Sabac, Serbia.
For many years he was experimenting with different techniques and mediums. Now, he concentrates on oil painting and prints in their most classical sense.
He also took part in many group exhibitions, biennials and art colonies in the country and abroad.
He exhibited in five cities and his paintings and prints live in more than a hundred places all over the World.


With Vladimir Vojvodic's paintings, the observer can see, feel and discover what painting really is. These paintings are expressions of calmness, but also of a spiritual adventure, craft, and show his passion and love for painting.
They are essential definitions of what painting can and should be. As a painter who can paint well, he can make an artistically challenging scene out of everything, just like the old masters: a painting with all its complicated elements and levels. It may seem to an untrained eye that some of his paintings are very skilfully analyzed photographs of landscapes, or paintings of nature by memory, but they are just pure artistic solutions brought to the abstract. Vojvodic explores the colour, light, space, composition, local tone, shade and cast shade, and details, in the scenes which bring the joys of painting closer to an observer.
Harsh, but fluid at the same time, this kind of painting brings up emotions and caresses the senses. The world of herbs, meadows, flowers, bushes, trees, forest clearings and paths, cherry orchards and shadowy skies, is full of flavours and sounds of nature, those distant and woven ones. His paintings are the simplest and the most universal, as much as the art of landscape painting allows. They are common places where atmosphere, densities and characters are hidden.
This painter believes that all exaggerations in art are signs of weakness. In that sense, Vojvodic finds a limit in creation, an ideal spiritual remoteness in painting, which is in accordance with the closeness with the nature. As well as chamber music or poetry, these paintings awake the personal and the deepest: memories, dreams, joys, and sadness… Can we ask for more from art? With Vladimir Vojvodic's works, we feel the truth of art – celebration and peaceful mind, quietness and abstractness.

Short Biography:

Vladimir Vojvodic was born in Sabac on November 9, 1958.
He grew up and finished high school in the same town.
In 1979 he began studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade.
He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1985.
From 1985 to 1995 he was exploring different techniques and mediums, took part in many group exhibitions, international biennials in country and abroad and many local art colonies.
He also painted portraits of diplomats and his graphics ( etchings prints) and paintings are spread on more than hundred locations all over the World.

Group exhibitions:

Mostly took part in reviewed yearly exhibitions, should mention:

1989 - The first biennial of Yugoslav miniature, G. Milanovac
1996 - IV biennial of graphics, Belgrade
1997 - International biennial of small format print, Leskovac
- III Graphic art biennial, dry point, Uzice
- Intercontinental exhibition of graphics “Terassa” Barcelona
1998 - Ex-libris Hilandar, 800 years of convent Hilandar, Graphic collective Belgrade
1999 - IV Graphic art biennial, dry point, Uzice
2000 - Serbian Graphic, Die KLAINE GALERIE , Wien

Personal Exhibitions:

1978 - “20 Drawings and pastels”, Cultural Center Sabac
1996 - Belgrade, Sabac
1997 - Novi Sad, Subotica, Bijeljina
2000 - Energoprojekt, Belgrade
2004 - Salzburg, Austria


1980 - October exhibition, Sabac
1983 - October exhibition, Sabac
1984 - Award from Ministry of Culture for perspective graduate at Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade
1986 - October exhibition, Sabac
1987 - May exhibition, Sabac

source:www.Vladimir Vojvodic.com

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