Wu Jianjun

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wu Jianjun, graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, has been drawing the attention of many arts lovers in recent years. The series of ‘Body Pattern’ looks like a human being distorted to a mass of bones, with bright fiery yellow and green colors, audiences are imploded into the most inner feelings of childhood nightmares. Explaining why he chooses this theme, the artist, Wu Jianjun, 42, says ‘this series of paintings conjure up images of people who are cooped up in a pressurized society and desire freedom. These exaggerated bodies are representation of the spirits of the human being under various emotional states. They are anxious, frightened, shocked, dismayed, sad and horrified.’ The artist is aware of this resonance and seeks to reveal and release these emotions through visual effect.

Wu Jianjun has always been passionate and amazed by the physique of human body. In his paintings, he transforms psychological turmoil onto his canvases, capturing a wide intensity of emotion and facets of the inner life of himself and others. He has always been very interested and intuitive to body language, observing people’s posture and gestures for many years, including people with whom he is not familiar. He is one of few of artists who explore human being’s inner world through the bodies’ perspective. He believes the body reflects the human being’s inner world more than the face does.

Chinese contemporary art is becoming bizarre and getting more attention. Artist Wu Jianjun, confines himself to a few bold colors and shapes, leaving many people insecure and uneasy. His painting has raised a lot of collectors’ eyebrows.


Graduated from Sichuan Fine Art Institue, Chongqing.


Solo Exhibitions

"Metamorphosis" Wu Jianjun Oil Painting Exhibition, Linda Gallery, Singapore
“Body Pattern”(F.Fine Gallery,Beijing,China)

Selected Exhibitions

The Sichuan Movement' Tour Exhibition (Jakarta National Museum, Indonesia, and Linda Gallery, Singapore)
Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Holland
China Now Now(Canvas International Art Gallery,Amsterdam,Holland )
Five Artists (Art+Shanghai gallery,Shanghai,China)
Treatment GuaSha (Artistic Conception Museum,Chengdu,China)
Three Years in Blue&House Art Center (Blue House Art Center,Chengdu,China)
Guiyang Art Biennale Exhibit 3th (Guiyang Art Museum,Guiyang,China)
Beyond Dimension—Chinese New Painting (Sifang Art Museum,Nanjing,China)
Art Verona '06 (Verona,Italy)
China International Gallery Exposition (Beijing,China)
Winter'05 (Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery,London,England)
Sensus Communis-Korea,China,
Japan Oil Painting Art Exhibition (Korea)
Forever Intriguing (YIBO Gallery,Shanghai,China)
Tu Hongtao & Wu Jianjun (Soka Contemporary Space,Beijing,China)
Blue Artists (Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery,Beijing,China)
18 Contemporary Artists “Living In Chengdu” (Soobin Art Gallery,Singapore)
The Third National Exhibition of Oil Painting (China Art Museum,Beijing,China)
Sichuan Oil Painting Art Exhibition (Sichuan Art Museum,Chengdu,China)
The First Chengdu Exhibition of Oil Painting (Sichuan Art Museum,Chengdu,China)

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